Terms & Conditions


  1. Payment
    1.1) A deposit shall be required on receipt of the order
    1.2) Final payment shall be payable within 14 Days of receipt of the invoice.
  2. Variations
    Variations will only be undertaken on receipt of written instruction. Any additional work undertaken by Sussex Electric Gates will be charged at rates prevailing on the date of instruction.
  3. Insurance
    A certificate of Public Liability Insurance showing the level of cover prevailing is available upon request.


  1. Clearance of fence lines is not allowed for in the quotation unless specifically stated. Work involved in doing so will be charged to the customer at hourly rates as an extra.
  2. Fence lines must be indicated on accurate drawings or pegged on the ground by the customer prior to erection commencing, if this is not done the Sussex Electric Gates will charge for any alterations subsequently requested.
  3. The position of underground cables, pipes or other services must be brought to our attention otherwise Sussex Electric Gates cannot be held responsible for damage thereto. The customer shall be responsible for repairs to all equipment and services damaged, including the Sussex Electric Gates contractors and servants.
  4. Digging conditions; where hidden concrete, hardcore, rock and like materials are encountered an additional charge will apply to the original quotation, unless bought to our attention at time of invitation to quote. Any resulting spoil will be left on site unless removal is requested by the customer at a cost to be agreed.
  5. Timber materials; whilst every effort will be made to supply satisfactory timber materials, Sussex Electric Gates shall not accept any liability for Warp, Wane, Shrinkage, Splitting or any other movement in timber caused by temperature, humidity or any other weather condition.
  6. Standing time; when men are kept waiting and are unable to work on site through fault of the customer this time will be charged at the current hourly rates.
  7. Acceptance of completed works; unless notified of either defective materials or workmanship within a period of seven days of invoice, possible remedial work shall be at the discretion of Sussex Electric Gates, if no such notice is received then it shall be presumed that the completed work has been accepted.
  8. Where public utilities need to be disconnected the customer shall arrange for this to occur at their expense prior to the commencement of work. If there are any delays to Sussex Electric Gates due to the customers or any other parties failure to arrange for the necessary disconnection then any relevant costs incurred by Sussex Electric Gates shall be passed onto and be payable by the customer.
  9. The risk in the goods shall pass to the customer on delivery, until full payment has been made the goods remain the property of Sussex Electric Gates.
  10. Acceptance of the quotation involves acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and will lead to a binding contract between the customer and Sussex Electric Gates. It should be noted that any cancellation, alteration or postponement by the customer entitles Sussex Electric Gates to claim for any loss or expenses incurred as a result.

These Terms and Conditions do not affect the customer’s statutory rights.