Q: If someone were to be caught in the gates would they be crushed?
A: No, Sussex Electric Gates always set the torque (the closing strength) to the manufactures recommended safety Standards. Gates are very safe if set up properly from the outset.

Q: How much will I have to budget for new Electric Gates?
A: This will vary but usually installations start from £850 to as much as you want to spend.

Q: Do I have to purchase and Install all at the same time?
A: No, we are very happy to undertake the work a bit at a time if it helps from a budgeting point of view.

Q: Can I use my own contacts do undertake some of the work?
A: Yes, we are more than happy, however we would highly recommend that we are involved so as to give best advice.

Q: Can you supply me with the builder to build the Peers?
A: Yes, we have a partnership with specialists ground workers and bricklayers of the highest quality.

Q: I already have gate Supports/Peers, can I reuse them?
A: In many cases you can, however this is on a case by case basis so please seek our advice before making assumptions.

Q: How close to the gates do I need to be to make them open or close using the remote key fob?
A: 30 to 80 Metres is standard with these systems, however the actual distance is controlled by your environment.

Q: How do we get in and out if there is a fault or a power cut?
A: All systems have a manual over ride which vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Q: Are gates effected by the wind?
A: Yes, Close Board gates are affected by the wind and we only recommend using them in sheltered areas.

Q: Do I need planning permission for my gates?
A: Usually no, but it is always worth calling your local planning office first. Sussex Electric Gates accepts no responsibility for matters concerning the Highways Agency and or planning but we are happy to assist in every way possible.

Q: Does Sussex Electric Gates repair and maintain gates they have not installed?
A: Sussex Electric Gates look after gates no matter what the manufacturer or who installed the gates. However, a survey would need to be carried out prior to gates being considered for a Maintenance Agreement.

Q: Why does Sussex Electric Gates recommend a Maintenance Agreement?
A: Like a car, well maintained gates go wrong less often and with parts generally being quite expensive, having a Maintenance Agreement can actually save you money.